Discovery World Lauantai 23.8.

Ultimate Survival: The Pilot
Follow Bear Grylls as he parachutes into the Rockies and takes an exhausting journey back to civilisation with only the clothes on his back.

Kello 21:00

Breaking Ice
Home. After three and a half months on duty in the Arctic Ocean, the crew of the US Coast Guard Cutter Healy finally come back home to overjoyed family members.
Hero Factor
Treacherous Waters. A rescue team saves its winchman from an explosive ship and Bernice McCrae swims into a freezing lake to save a drowning woman. So what really motivates heroism?
Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein
Mummies. Josh Bernstein lives with the ancient Anga tribe in remote Papua New Guinea, and learns how they worship their ancestors by mummifying the dead.
Solving History with Olly Steeds
Hitler's Mummies. Adventurer Olly Steeds goes deep into the inner workings of the Nazi propaganda machine as he examines the Third Reich's fascination with mummies.
War Horse: The Real Story
Documentary recounting the extraordinary and deeply moving true story of the million British horses who served in World War I.

Kello 24:00

Final 24
Gianni Versace. Revisit the final hours of fashion designer Gianni Versace's life as 'Final 24' maps out the last day before Versace was brutally murdered by serial killer Andrew Cunanan in 1997.
Final 24
Anna Nicole Smith. Using interviews with close friends and archive footage, 'Final 24' follows the last 24 hours of Anna Nicole Smith's life before she died of an accidental drug overdose in 2007.
Showdown: Air Combat
F-86A vs MiG-15. The Korean War brought the Russian Mig-15 jet, designed to shoot down bombers, face to face with the American F-86 Sabre, built as a multi-purpose offensive weapon.
Showdown: Air Combat
Zero vs F4F Wildcat. In the Pacific during World War II the dominant fighter plane was the legendary Japanese Zero. The US Navy's top fighter plane was the Grumman F4F Wildcat.
Showdown: Air Combat
P-51 Mustang vs Me-109. Two of the best World War II fighter planes – the Messerschmitt Me-109, which provided the backbone of German fighter forces, and the P-51 Mustang, which bombed Germany.