Discovery World Lauantai 21.10.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Mexico/US Border. In 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations', his journey takes him to people and places far beyond the realm of food, from Iceland to New Zealand and Paris to New Jersey.

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Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
India (Rajasthan). Foodie Anthony Bourdain travels the world seeking authentic flavours. In desolate Rajasthan, he joins a birthday party to experience the local culture - and cuisine, of course.
Episode 17. Explore the origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions, objects, and ideas. Featuring the history of the soldier through the ages.
Episode 18. Explore the origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions, objects, and ideas. Featuring the perplexing history of the crossword puzzle.
MegaQuake: Hour that Shook Japan
On 11 March 2011, Japan was hit by one of the most earth-shattering seismic events in history. Explore the tectonic anatomy, scientific impact, global threat and implications.
American Guns
Hell's Angels Luger/D-Day M1 Garand. Rich barters for an M1 Garand used during D-Day and a Luger used in the film 'Hell's Angels'. Meanwhile, the Gunsmoke crew modifies a hunter's rifle.

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Codes and Conspiracies
Freemasons. Most of the Founding Fathers and 14 Presidents were Freemasons. Some say Washington DC is laid out as a Masonic code. What other secrets are the Masons hiding?
Codes and Conspiracies
Brothels. Discover the truth behind one of society's most clandestine institutions. Hidden within these bordellos are secrets about famous patrons, governments and even religion.
Codes and Conspiracies
Bunkers. The truth behind America's secret bunkers - from backyard boxes to government mini-cities. Underground bunkers have featured in war planning since the dawn of time.
Codes and Conspiracies
Alcatraz. We'll explore a conspiracy that helped three inmates escape the dungeon of Alcatraz, and discover the remnants of a mysterious military outpost linked to Abraham Lincoln.
Weapon Masters
Blowpipe. Mike Loades travels deep into the Amazon as he searches for a Peruvian tribe that still uses the blowpipe. Meanwhile, Chad creates a modern version of the weapon.
Weapon Masters
Roman Scorpion. Engineer Chad Houseknecht and weapons historian Mike Loades create a Roman Scorpion, a giant freestanding crossbow that terrorised the ancient battlefield with its flaming arrows.
Weapon Masters
Greek Fire. Chad and Mike get a fiery awakening as they attempt to squirt fire from a boat-mounted flame thrower, whose design is based on the world's first ever flame thrower.