Discovery World Lauantai 5.9.

Bush Pilots
Bush Pilots follows the exploits of some of the most daring pilots flying above Africa's bush. Pilot, Graham, narrowly avoids disaster in the air and violent storms are closing in.
Bush Pilots
Phil has just seconds to check his plane for hyena damage before a storm arrives. Meanwhile, rookie pilots flock in from all over the world to compete for a job.
Bush Pilots
Ed, faces one of the toughest tests of his career. One of the rookies gets the chance to show he's got what it takes to become a bush pilot, but will he impress the bosses?
Bush Pilots
A GPS failure leaves Ed stranded in the air above the vast Kalahari desert. Meanwhile, Kiwi pilot Emarn tracks endangered antelope from the sky and on the ground.
Curiosity: I, Caveman
Could modern man survive the life of our earliest ancestors? Ten brave volunteers embark on an extraordinary social experiment to find out.
How We Got Here
Nazis Get Us to the Moon. As the Nazi regime crumbles, rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun leads a team of colleagues on a mission out of Germany to change the course of history.
How We Got Here
Cars Win World War II. A chance meeting with personal hero Thomas Edison and a visit to a Chicago meat packing plant give Henry Ford an idea destined to profoundly change the world.
How We Got Here
Gold Makes Headlines. Gold is discovered in California and a penniless prospector named George Hearst seeks his fortune. After much toil, his son takes over a newspaper.

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How We Got Here
Colt Makes Men All Equal. If a small team of Texas Rangers are killed by eighty Comanche warriors in 1844, America might not become an industrial powerhouse.
100 Miles from Nowhere
Mountain Whiteout. Matt, Danny, and Blake tackle Oregon's Steens Mountain. A winter storm ups the ante and pummels the friends with elements, testing their endurance and resolve.
Dead Men's Tales
Marilyn Monroe. 'Dead Men's Tales' is a series of medical biographies of the rich, the famous, and the powerful, containing a great biography and a great medical mystery.
Mega Beasts
Bear Dog. Meet the Bear Dog, the top predator in North America for 5 million years. This enormous hybrid beast dominated every other mammal on the continent, including the Terminator Pig.

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Solving History with Olly Steeds
Atlantis. Adventurer Olly Steeds examines the theories about the lost city of Atlantis. Did it really exist and what may have caused the annihilation of this mythical civilization?
Dead Men's Tales
Marilyn Monroe. 'Dead Men's Tales' is a series of medical biographies of the rich, the famous, and the powerful, containing a great biography and a great medical mystery.
Killer Within
Bob's a regular, much loved family man and tutor. But as a student he planned mass murder and executed a friend before handing himself in to police. How did he find redemption?

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Alaska: Surviving the Last Frontier
Into the Wilds. Four groups of ordinary people are dropped into the wilderness of Alaska. As they struggle to find their new home in the wild they must overcome bears, glaciers and their fears.
Alaska: Surviving the Last Frontier
What Did We Get Ourselves Into?. Greg Pierson, who has never fired a gun, sets out on a brutal mountain goat hunt. The other three groups fend off wildlife and race to gather food before the winter.
HMS Ark Royal
After nearly five months since she departed on the Auriga deployment, HMS Ark Royal is welcomed back home into Portsmouth, but not before a full-scale battle damage exercise.
HMS Ark Royal
The Final Journey. Captain Kyd leads the flagship of the Royal Navy, the Ark Royal, on her final voyage as she is stripped of munitions and docks in Portsmouth for the last time.
Surviving the Cut
Ranger School. Go inside the toughest combat course in the world. US Army Ranger School replicates the stress of war to forge the Army's elite combat leaders. Only one in three survives the cut.
Surviving the Cut
Air Force Pararescue. To become Air Force Pararescue men, students must survive one notoriously difficult milestone called Extended Training Day. Only 10 per cent survive the cut.