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How We Got Here
Morse Code Connects Us All. If Samuel Morse makes it to his wife’s sickbed in time after hearing of her illness, the speed-of-light communication we use today will never exist.
Secrets of the Arsenal
Behind Enemy Lines. Geoff reveals four stories that shed light on the people and artefacts that make up some of America's most dramatic stories that take place Behind Enemy Lines.

Kello 24:00

I Was Bitten
This series delves into the gruesome world of near-fatal bites. Survivors of such wounds as rattlesnake bites and grizzly bear maulings discuss the effects of their encounters.
I Was Bitten
How does the human body cope with the devastating injuries caused by venomous creatures? Witness the aftermath of a great white shark attack and a horrific assault by a bear.
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal's crew is preparing for the International Fleet Review; an important element of the Royal Canadian Navy's centenary celebrations, with HM The Queen taking the salute.
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal is taking part in large-scale war games with the US Navy. Her mission is to project air power and oversee the landing of Royal Marines into the designated warzone.
HMS Ark Royal
After nearly five months since she departed on the Auriga deployment, HMS Ark Royal is welcomed back home into Portsmouth, but not before a full-scale battle damage exercise.
HMS Ark Royal
The Final Journey. Captain Kyd leads the flagship of the Royal Navy, the Ark Royal, on her final voyage as she is stripped of munitions and docks in Portsmouth for the last time.