Discovery World Lauantai 29.8.

HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal is taking part in large-scale war games with the US Navy. Her mission is to project air power and oversee the landing of Royal Marines into the designated warzone.
The Loch Ness Monster Revealed
Philippe Cousteau leads scientists on a mission to discover if the monster is a gigantic reptile that survived the extinction of the dinosaurs, or a giant squid or sturgeon.
Before We Ruled the Earth
Hunt or Be Hunted. Follow the evolution of early humans as they developed simple tools, began to communicate, and learned to control their most important tool - fire.

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Chasing Classic Cars
California Dreaming. Wayne visits a Porsche meet at the European Auto Salvage Yard. From there he goes to a Berkeley car event where he’s in car heaven with hand-built hot rods.
Mystery Cars
Discover how legendary designer Harley Earl captured the zeitgeist of the 1950s with the Cadillac Cyclone XP-74. Plus, what inspired Bill Mitchell's 1977 Buick Phantom?
Chasing Classic Cars
356 Porsh-Ahhh. Wayne takes a gamble on a 1956 Porsche 356 Cabriolet on the recommendation of his friend, Packard collector Ralph Morano, but is buying a classic car sight unseen a mistake?
Mystery Cars
Find out what inspired the creation of the Firebird II and discover how the Cadillac Series 62 Coupe capitalized on the dominant fashion trends on the era.
Chasing Classic Cars
A King in Queens. Wayne fixes up a client's 1962 Triumph TR4 race car for sale, and after months of negotiations is delighted to collect a sensational 1963 250 GTL Ferrari Lusso.
Mystery Cars
What inspired the development of the iconic 1962 Ford Mustang prototype? Plus, what made the design of the 1959 GM Firebird III so popular?
Chasing Classic Cars
Double VW. Wayne is auctioning a stunning 1956 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. But with no reserve, will he get the price he wants? Plus, a beautifully restored VW Dropside goes under the hammer.
Bizarre Foods
Ecuador. Food critic Andrew Zimmern is in Ecuador to try out the delicacies which make mealtimes in the country unique. Whilst there he samples the national dish of barbequed guinea pig.
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Indonesia. In Indonesia, Anthony samples the exquisite cuisine and the beautiful culture, and wonders: what is it about this stunning place that makes foreigners want to 'go bamboo'?
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Ireland. Anthony Bourdain is in Ireland to dispel the myth that the country has terrible food. During his quest, Anthony comes across a shellfish dinner, blood pudding and lots of Guinness.

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Abalone Wars
In Port Lincoln the crews take advantage of a break in the weather to seize their share of the lucrative trade. But will the tight time line force them to take stupid risks?
Abalone Wars
In South Australia fierce storms have forced the abalone crews to spend weeks in port. What will they risk to fill their quotas before the disappointing season wraps up?
Conquering the World
Follow Richard Parks’ seven-month World Record attempt to climb the highest summits on each of the world’s continents and stand on all three poles, making history in the process.
The Ice Man. This episode shadows a daredevil who is attempting to run a marathon in sub-zero temperatures 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
The Human Bird. This episode shadows a daredevil who is attempting to fly down the face of the Matterhorn in a winged Teflon suit.
Storm Chasers
IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey and research meteorologist Josh Wurman chase a huge mesocyclone into the Canadian River Valley, but the area makes it almost impossible to intercept.
Storm Chasers
Filmmaker Sean Casey and meteorologist Josh Wurman clash when Josh ignores Sean's hunch and the team end up missing a tornado that destroys the town of Greensburg, Kansas.
Storm Chasers
The tornado season is coming to an end and Josh has collected some record-breaking data. Meanwhile, after driving for miles on end with no results, Sean is left frustrated.

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100 Miles from Nowhere
No Way Out. The adventurous trio tackle the endless sands and slot canyons of Arizona, but harsh winds and frigid temperatures threaten hypothermia and abandonment of the trip.
Dead Men's Tales
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. ‘Dead Men’s Tales’ is a series of medical biographies of the rich, the famous and the powerful. Containing a great biography and a great medical mystery.
Mega Beasts
Biggest Killer Dino. The mega beast Spinosaurus was king of the dinosaurs 100 million years ago. A carnivore, it was twice the size of T-Rex with a long crocodilian skull and massive claws.

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Solving History with Olly Steeds
Lost City of Gold. Adventurer Olly Steeds follows new clues and treks deep into the remote Andes Mountains in search of the legendary El Dorado.
Dead Men's Tales
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. ‘Dead Men’s Tales’ is a series of medical biographies of the rich, the famous and the powerful. Containing a great biography and a great medical mystery.
Inside Planet Earth
What if a crack could be opened all the way to the centre of the Earth? A fascinating insight into what makes our planet a place where life can survive.

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The Crater's Edge. Extreme adventure cameraman Geoff Mackley attempts to fulfil his risky ambition to climb down inside a volcanic crater on an island in Vanuatu.
The Fiery Pit. Extreme adventure cameraman Geoff Mackley takes a life-threatening trip inside a volcano in the heart of Ethiopia to film the lava lakes close up.
HMS Ark Royal
On route to Naval Station, Norfolk in Virginia - the largest naval base on Earth - HMS Ark Royal needs to refuel, so calls in the help of a naval tanker almost as big as she is.
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal has been at sea for four weeks. The crew has some downtime in the Florida sunshine, but for some, shore leave is cancelled as they prepare for a royal visitor.
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal is bound for Nova Scotia with a busy schedule, including a visit from PM David Cameron. But when the ship hits dense fog, the crew must assist an emergency first.
Out of Egypt
The Birth of the Devil. Egyptologist Kara Cooney examines the changes to politics and society in Mediterranean cultures which moulded religious beliefs and created the concept of pure evil and the devil.