Discovery World Sunnuntai 21.12.

Trek Nation
Eugene Roddenbury explores the legacy of his visionary father Gene, the creator of Star Trek. How did the show transform television and why does it remain so important to fans?
Mystery of the Lost Catacombs
Beneath the Vatican, thousands of skeletons have been excavated from a previously undetected catacomb. It is up to the scientists in charge to solve the mystery of this mass grave.

Kello 24:00

Final 24
Tupac Shakur. Featuring archival footage and interviews with his friends and family, 'Final 24' documents the hours leading up to the fatal shooting of hip-hop superstar Tupac Shakur.
Extreme Drug Smuggling
With millions of dollars at stake, drug cartels will stop at nothing to get their goods onto the street. How are police battling submarines and super tunnels - and can they win?
Moscow. Moscow churns out five million tons of garbage a year. Meet the guerilla trash activists trying to stop polluters and the entrepreneur who is turning rubbish into rubles.
Montreal. Until recently, the island of Montreal was surrounded by a river of sewage. Now, with the opening of a new water treatment plant the city is starting to get smart about its waste.
What the Ancients Knew
The Romans. Travel back to Roman time to understand the motivations behind early inventions. The Romans believed conquering the world would secure the sweet life.
What the Ancients Knew
The Chinese. Travel back to ancient Chinese times when their discoveries put China at the vanguard of science and technology in the ancient world.