Discovery World Sunnuntai 14.2.

Reign of the Dinosaurs
End Game. Take a closer look at the family dynamic of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex and explore the aftermath of the asteroid that wiped out the majority of the dinosaur population.
Before We Ruled the Earth
Hunt or Be Hunted. Follow the evolution of early humans as they developed simple tools, began to communicate, and learned to control their most important tool - fire.
Before We Ruled the Earth
Mastering the Beasts. Early humans in Europe had the power of speech, reasoning skills and spiritual beliefs, but struggled to share the land with dangerous carnivores.

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Explores the remarkable origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions and ideas. Today, we look at the stories of the samurai, the knight and Special Forces.
Engineering Volcanoes
What is the best design for a volcano? See how nature has conceived and built volcanoes and discover what we can learn from these designs to help save lives when disaster strikes.
Alone Against the Tasman
Follow the journey of Shaun Quincey, who overcame storms, broken equipment and capsizing to become only the second person in history to have rowed solo across the Tasman Sea.
Dinosaurs of the Deep
Uncovering the mystery about the existence of the Coelacanth - a fish older than man, believed to have been extinct since prehistoric times.
Curiosity: Stonehenge
How did the stones used to construct Stonehenge get from a Welsh quarry to their final location? Archaeologists and experts try to solve one of the greatest mysteries of our time.
Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster
Get an inside look at the May 20th tornado tragedy near Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma, through the eyes of the people who survived this unprecedented and catastrophic event.
Extreme Engineering
Turkey's Mammoth Hydropowered Deriner Dam. Danny heads to Turkey, where, amid the country's most challenging terrain, one of the tallest and strongest dams ever made is being constructed.

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Extreme Engineering
Arizona Cardinals. From its 'Starchitect' design to North America's first slide-out field, the showcase stadium of American football team the Arizona Cardinals could be the future of design.
Extreme Engineering
Malaysia Smart Tunnel. To deal with the devastating floods in Kuala Lumpur, the government is tunnelling underneath the city in an unprecedented, $525 million dollar project.
Extreme Engineering
Sakhalin Oil and Ice. Host Danny Forster travels to Sakhalin Island in Russia, where the world's biggest oil rigs and a massive liquid natural gas plant are under construction.
Extreme Engineering
USS Bush Aircraft Carrier. Witness the largest aircraft carrier on Earth - a floating city that will serve as a combat airport, defending American security around the world.
Deadliest Catch
Caught in the Storm. Disaster strikes the fleet when a major storm hits. While some of the crews brave the storm, others are not so lucky and are forced back to port for repairs.
Deadliest Catch
Crossing the Line. After a blown engine forces them back to port, the Northwestern returns to the fishing grounds, already a week behind. Captain Sig comes up with a plan to get back on schedule.
Deadliest Catch
Trials of the Greenhorns. Several rookies are put to the test as the weather begins to deteriorate. While one of the newcomers struggles with the conditions, others begin to prove their worth to the fleet.
Deadliest Catch
Ice and Open Water. The Time Bandit enjoys unseasonable weather and unprecedented catches. But when the weather drastically changes, the boat is caught in a crippling ice pack.

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America: Facts vs. Fiction
Top Secret Vaults. Myths surround America’s most secret vaults. $250 billion of gold sits in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, protected by low-tech defences built in 1924.
America: Facts vs. Fiction
Not So Close Encounters. Did an alien spaceship crash in Roswell in 1947, and are scientists reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology in the Nevada desert’s Area 51?
Animal Gladiators
Take a journey to ancient Rome to uncover the history of combat between animals and gladiators, and uncover fascinating facts about the Roman animal trade.

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Shadow Ops
Spy vs. Spy. Meet the real James Bonds: real spies. Real missions. Thrilling true stories from the deadly game of spy vs. spy, told first-hand by the people who were there.
Animal Gladiators
Take a journey to ancient Rome to uncover the history of combat between animals and gladiators, and uncover fascinating facts about the Roman animal trade.
Explore the origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions, objects and ideas. Featuring radio and television broadcasting, billboards and advertising.

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Explore the origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions, objects and ideas. Which breakthrough innovations will be showcased today?
Grave Danger. The parents of a young women alert police when she goes missing. Investigators focus on the victim's estranged husband, but friends say there was another man in her life.
Written in Blood. Karen Pannell's lifeless body is found riddled with stab wounds and the word 'Roc' is written in blood on the wall. Did Karen leave the clue?
‘Skyfighters’ joins Canada's fighter pilots as they prepare for their annual military exercise, 'Operation Maple Flag', and sees the rigorous training they are put through.
Bizarre Foods
Spain. Andrew Zimmern is in Spain as he continues his global adventure in search of the world's most unique meals. On today's menu for Andrew to sample are bulls' testicles and baby eel.
Bizarre Foods
Philippines. Andrew is in the Philippines where the theme of mealtimes is: if it's moving, it's edible! Whilst there he samples the local delicacies of mangrove worms and coconut grubs.
Bizarre Foods
Ecuador. Food critic Andrew Zimmern is in Ecuador to try out the delicacies which make mealtimes in the country unique. Whilst there he samples the national dish of barbequed guinea pig.