Viasat Nature/Crime Lauantai 1.8.

Shadow Island Mysteries
Jakso 2, kausi 1. The Shadow Island Mysteries unfold on an island in the pristine Canadian wilderness where the intrigue occurs in the mysterious woods and in the luxurious living quarters of the Shadow Island Resort. At the centre of the story is Claire La Foret, a beautiful young woman who works as the Property Manager. Claire loves puzzles and it’s her ambition to be a mystery writer. And mysteries have a way of finding her.
Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Jakso 2, kausi 5. Based on Elizabeth George's best selling books, these compelling murder mysteries sustain an engaging dynamic between two characters from very different sides of the fence: aristocratic, blue-blooded DI Thomas Lynley and his acerbic sidekick, DI Barbara Havers, a mere foot soldier. The fifth series sees the duo investigate internet vice murder at Haver's childhood holiday retreat and a paparazzi murder that leads them to Bosnia. Pääosissa: Nathaniel Parker (Thomas Lynley), Sharon Small (Barbara Havers).

Kello 24:00

Jakso 7, kausi 2. 19-2 is a drama series about the daily lives of patrol officers working the streets of downtown Montreal. Centred on the rocky partnership of ex-rural cop Ben Chartier and troubled Montreal veteran Nick Barron, along with the characters that make up the squad of Station 19, the show explores the trials and tribulations, loves and losses of people who occupy the front lines of the police force. More than a show about what cops do in uniform, 19-2 explores what the uniform does to those who wear it. In this season of 19-2 we discover that both Ben and Nick have secrets that cannot stay buried for long. Secrets that could tear the squad apart…