Viasat Nature/Crime Sunnuntai 29.3.

Mystery of the Fairy Circles
Rankkasateen jälkeen Namibin aavikon peittää paksu ruohomatto. Sen lomasta erottuu selvästi tuhansia pyöreitä, punaisia läiskiä. Näitä arvoituksellisia hiekkaympyröitä esiintyy sisämaassa aina Etelä-Afrikasta Angolaan. Ihmeellisiä paljaita läiskiä on alettu kutsua noidankehiksi, mutta mitä ne ovat? Ne saattavat olla mineraaliyhdisteiden, myrkyllisten kasvien tai jopa termiittien aikaansaannosta. Tai ehkä läiskät on synnyttänyt meteoriitti. Tämä dokumentti paljastaa noidankehien hämmästyttävän salaisuuden.
Planet Europe
Jakso 3, kausi 1. Take a walk through nature's back garden, and peer into a world often closed to the naked human eye. Slither through the trees with the snakes; fly with the honey bees on their floral adventures; hide in the blinding darkness with the owls as they target their prey using nothing but their special senses. Award-winning director Kurt Mündl pulls together a vast array of filming techniques to show this world in all its glory – and our sometimes devastating effect upon it. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.
The Nature of Britain
Jakso 7, kausi 1. Join Alan Titchmarsh on a journey of discovery through eight key British landscapes, as he tells the stories of the surprising relationships between the land and the creatures that live there, and pieces together the puzzle of what lives where – and why! The Nature of Britain also celebrates our pride in the very best of Britain’s flora and fauna: from magnificent boxing hares to bizarre dung beetles, and from the story of the tiny harvest mouse to that of the mighty golden eagle. Familiar creatures are shown in new ways, while rare and elusive creatures are shown for the very first time.
A Year in the Wild
Jakso 5, kausi 1. Traversing all landscapes around the world for one year, we see how the seasons affect different parts of the world at different times - and how various animals cope. During the rainy season in Africa, vegetation is in abundance for such animals as the Samango monkeys who feast upon fig trees. It’s a different story when the dry season begins, and waters recede, leaving life a daily struggle for many. Later still in the year, the Northern territory’s temperature drops bitterly below zero, but climate changes means the ice forms more slowly than ever before. Though the seasons become harsher, nature becomes no less extraordinary in its survival. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.
Animal Movers
Jakso 11, kausi 1. Pacific Pet Transport are world experts in animal transportation. Surfers by day and animal movers by trade, this unique gang of misfits struggle to manage the complex and unpredictable travel needs of their creature customers – and the distinct personalities of the animal owners they encounter. From celebrity pets and movie animals to endangered species, it’s a wild ride. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.
Animal Movers
Jakso 12, kausi 1. Pacific Pet Transport are world experts in animal transportation. Surfers by day and animal movers by trade, this unique gang of misfits struggle to manage the complex and unpredictable travel needs of their creature customers – and the distinct personalities of the animal owners they encounter. From celebrity pets and movie animals to endangered species, it’s a wild ride. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.
Tigers – Spy in the Jungle
Jakso 1. This revealing programme follows the different stages of a tiger's life from playful cubs to young adults, and provides a unique insight into how the relationship with the other jungle animals changes as they mature.

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The Rhino Orphanage
Jakso 3, kausi 1. Drawing from a lifetime of experience in having successfully raised over two hundred rhino orphans, Karen Trendler builds an experimental orphanage like no other facility in the world. Designed exclusively for victims of the current brutal poaching crisis, the orphanage takes in young rhinos that, before now, would have been left for dead. Under Karen’s guidance, the team sensitively begins to rebuild the shattered lives of rhinos who have witnessed their mothers being butchered. Veterinarians, caregivers and surrogate mothers, who initially sleep next to the traumatized youngsters for reassurance, provide vital, hands-on attention. After their efforts, the team must wait and see if the rhino orphans can successfully integrate into their new family units. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.
Jaguar Adventure
Jakso 5, kausi 1. Nigel Marven’s on the hunt for the world’s largest jaguars in South America. Travelling deep into the heart of the Pantanal, a wetland the size of Britain, Nigel comes face to face with these magnificent cats and chases down scientists who are rushing to save them on Brazil’s burgeoning cattle ranches. Nigel’s time is short, he’s just four weeks in the world’s biggest wetland to find his jaguars and as many of the amazing weird swamp creatures that he can. He hopes he’s timed his trip just right to coincide with the end of the dry season, ahead of the forthcoming rains. The animals should now be concentrated around the drying pools, making wildlife spotting a great deal more realistic. As the waters recede Nigel finds a host of characters at the most trying time of their lives. Patrolling the banks of one of the remaining rivers, the Cuiaba, Nigel and a crack team of jaguar spotters spend days searching for their quarry. He camps beside the river putting in long nights as well as days to find a cat known to be illusive. His diligence pays off with some of the most amazing jaguar encounters ever filmed. Many crews leave the Pantanal without filming a whisker but Nigel manages to follow one cat all afternoon!
Planet Earth
Jakso 7, kausi 1. Documentary series which celebrates our planet in all its glory, both its spectacular scenery and its captivating natural history. From pole to pole, earth is a planet of extremes. This series examines these extreme environments in detail, from the perpetual darkness of the Antarctic winter, to the tallest trees and the deepest caves on earth, where the inhabitants never see the light of day. Five years in the making, this multi award-winning program was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.

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Rookie Blue
Jakso 5, kausi 1. The stakes are high for five young cops fresh out of the Academy and ready for their first day with one of the most elite units in the city. Under the watchful guidance of their officers, Andy McNally and her four fellow rookies quickly learn that no amount of training could prepare them for this new world where every day is a first. Each case they tackle and every choice they make will impact their lives, but it's their personal relationships that may play an even greater role in defining the cops they become.
The Great Mint Swindle
It's the beginning of the 1980s boom in Western Australia. Larrikin brothers Ray, Brian and Peter Mickelberg spend their days abalone fishing, flying planes, looking for adventure and developing new ways of making money. Their most bizarre venture? Selling a huge fake gold nugget "The Yellow Rose of Texas" to tycoon Alan Bond. A tale about two innocent men who become embroiled in one of the most famous heists in Australia's history. It is a mysterious twenty-year saga about their fight to clear their names over a crime that has never been solved. Ohjaus: Geoff Bennett. Pääosissa: Grant Bowler (Ray Mickelberg), Todd Lasance (Peter Mickelberg), Josh Quong Tart (Brian Mickelberg).
Durham County
Jakso 1, kausi 1. They say there's only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world, but sometimes it's not even that. Sometimes the most brutal evil you can imagine is already in your world. Sometimes it's just across the street. Durham County is an emotionally powerful dramatic series that revolves around detective Mike Sweeney and his family as he hunts a serial killer he's certain is the guy across the street. You'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the cop and the killer or between them and you. They have a shared history, one that goes all the way back to high school. You think you can leave your past behind. But you can't...

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Rabbit Fall
Jakso 3, kausi 1. A big city cop transfers to a remote northern town plagued by violent crimes and unexplained events that have her believing a supernatural force is at work. A professional indiscretion lands Mounties cop Tara Wheaton in the remote northern town of Rabbit Fall. She soon discovers the picturesque community is plagued by a chilling history of violent crimes and unexplained events that have some believing a supernatural force is at work. Tara rejects the theory but as the bodies pile up, Rabbit Fall slowly tears away at everything she knows to be true.