Viasat Nature/Crime Keskiviikko 17.9.

Bear Whisperer Returns
Jakso 2, kausi 2. In a resort town where tourists and bears collide, it’s up to the “Bear Whisperer” to keep the peace. Journey to Mammoth Lakes, California, a community in a unique situation, as summer tourists arrive so do black bears, fresh from hibernation and anxious to pack on pounds. This documentary follows professional bear wrangler Steve Searles over the course of several months as he uses non-lethal means to ensure that humans and bears can co-exist. “The Bear Whisperer” is an inspiring account of one man’s mission to save bears and at the same time, protect the public.
Rift Valley - The Great Rift
Jakso 3, kausi 1. This award-winning documentary series take us on a fascinating journey. Emerging 35 million years ago as a mysterious rift along the surface of the Earth, a 6000 km long fault line between eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula is a unique geological phenomenon. It takes us through the most beautiful landscapes in the world, including; the coral reefs of the Red Sea, rainforests of Rwanda, and the steppes of the Serengeti and Masai Mara. This 3-part documentary takes us on a breathtaking journey using the latest HD filming combined with CGI, and also newly developed flight devices that provide magnificently enhanced vistas.
Chinese Merganser – Survivor from the Ice Ages
As the world’s oldest species of wild duck and a survivor from the third Ice Age, the Chinese Merganser is now one of the world’s most endangered birds. This beautiful documentary tells the love story and life cycle of one pair of these migrating birds, from the picturesque mountains of North-Eastern China.

Kello 21:00

Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Jakso 3, kausi 1. Based on the novels from the best-selling stories by Elizabeth George, this series of contemporary murder mysteries feature the charismatic Inspector Lynley, whose title as the 8th Earl of Asherton fuels a sparky relationship with his working class sidekick Barbara Havers. Award-winning crime writer Elizabeth George has been hailed by critics as a new voice in the great tradition of the English literary mystery. Her Inspector Lynley novels have become international best-sellers, acclaimed for their startling plot twists, chilling atmosphere, and unsentimental but heart-breaking emotional depth. In the pilot episode, Superintendent Thomas Lynley, 8th Earl of Asherton, and Detective Sergeant Havers were foisted on one another to solve a murder in Yorkshire.Worlds apart, sparks flew as rough met smooth; the prickly plebeian resented having to work under Scotland Yard’s golden boy. But despite personal differences, they cracked the case and a mutual respect blossomed. Now an established team, they have four new crime mysteries to crack.The search for a missing schoolboy uncovers a den of iniquity, secrecy and lies at an old public school.The death of a playwright at the Scottish retreat of a famous theatre producer. Unravelling the tangled life of a beautiful Cambridge student who has been murdered. And a tale of witchcraft and a dinner laced with death in rural Lancashire. As they try to unmask the killers, the relationship between Lynley and Havers is strictly professional.They still have their differences of opinion, but each has come to respect the other’s qualities and contribution they bring to the partnership. Solving their professional problems is easier than sorting out their personal lives. Still hurting from the marriage of the love of his life to his best friend, Lynley turns to his close friend, Lady Helen Clyde, for comfort. Meanwhile, Havers’ father is on his deathbed and she finds it increasingly difficult to cope with caring for her mother, who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Pääosissa: Nathaniel Parker (Thomas Lynley), Sharon Small (Barbara Havers).
The Blue Rose
Jakso 10. Rosen ruumis löytyy kellumasta Aucklandin rantavesistä. Rosen paras ystävä Linda ei usko, että kyseessä on hukkumisonnettomuus. Hän alkaa tutkia tapausta yhdessä Rosen tilalle lakifirman sihteeriksi palkatun Janen kanssa, ja parivaljakko saa avukseen myös firman IT-tukihenkilön ja entisen kirjanpitäjän. Yhdessä he päättävät selvittää totuuden.
Jakso 3, kausi 1. Vexed takes a fresh approach to crime drama. The lead duo, Jack and Kate, aren’t addicted to work or drink and neither of them live just for the job. Both would happily drop a case to go on a date, if they felt like it. They’re not bad detectives they’re just not consumed by work preferring to use social insight, people skills, shortcuts and charm to solve cases rather than great, incident room intellect. Their contrasting personalities, attitudes and approaches make them a powerful team. They too suffer the same real life frustrations, pre-occupations and insecurities as the rest of us. Pääosissa: Lucy Punch (DI Kate Bishop), Toby Stephens (DI Jack Armstrong), Ronny Jhutti (Naz Omar).

Kello 24:00

Rabbit Fall
Jakso 3, kausi 1. A big city cop transfers to a remote northern town plagued by violent crimes and unexplained events that have her believing a supernatural force is at work. A professional indiscretion lands Mounties cop Tara Wheaton in the remote northern town of Rabbit Fall. She soon discovers the picturesque community is plagued by a chilling history of violent crimes and unexplained events that have some believing a supernatural force is at work. Tara rejects the theory but as the bodies pile up, Rabbit Fall slowly tears away at everything she knows to be true.