Viasat Nature/Crime Perjantai 22.5.

Wild Obsession
Jakso 9, kausi 1. In this captivating series, we follow a number of brave individuals as they meet some of the world’s most elusive animals. Paired with an expert in the field, each episode sees the duo travel to remote areas of the world for a glimpse of an animal in its most primal state. The experience will prove to be not only physically challenging but mentally arduous. Working together to find and understand the clandestine creatures will be as much a part of the journey as the sighting itself. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.

Kello 21:00

Jack Taylor
Jakso 5. Set in Galway, the series is based on Ken Bruen's crime novels and features Iain Glen in the title role of old-school detective Jack Taylor, a former officer with the Gardai (the Irish police force), and a maverick who often drinks much more than is good for him. He is fired after the motorist he catches speeding turns out to be a government minister Taylor assaults when the man threatens him. He is subsequently hired as a private investigator, reluctantly taking on the cases the police will not investigate, because there are no private eyes in Ireland--"It's too close to being an informant – a dodgy concept". However, he soon realizes his experience suits him to his new role. He is aided in his investigations by his contacts, including some of his former Gardai colleagues, notably Officer Kate Noonan.
The Fixer
Jakso 5, kausi 2. In the shadowy world between right and wrong, John Mercer is a modern-day gun for hire, beholden to his sinister master but not the boundaries - moral or otherwise - of the law. Released from prison unexpectedly early, Mercer is introduced to Kenny Jameson - a police officer 'retired on grounds of ill health'. Jameson makes it clear to Mercer that his freedom comes at a price - he must remove an untouchable criminal who has recently dispatched a senior police officer to an early grave. Mercer carries out the hit but finds that the promise of freedom was illusory. Blake had no intention of agreeing to his real liberty. Thrust together with the deviant Calum and the beautiful but amoral Rose, Mercer and his new 'friends' must bring their unique talents to bear on the fundamental mission - to disorganise crime, and bring order where the law has failed. From the makers of Spooks, Hustle and Life on Mars, this is an action-packed, high-octane series that asks whether operating outside the usual parameters of the law - under the pretext of protecting it - can ever be justified. Ohjaus: Neil Cross, Ben Richards.
The Children
Jakso 3, kausi 1. When Emily, an eight-year-old girl, is murdered in her home, suspicion falls on those closest to her. Following the build-up to her death, this drama reveals a tangled web of family relationships torn apart by love and hate. Six months before Emily's death, her mother Sue asked Cameron, her new partner, to move in with her and her daughter. They had both just left difficult marriages and moving in was a chance for a fresh start. But envy, jealousy, fear and anger constantly threaten this delicate happiness and as this emotional drama unfolds, it becomes clear that some wounds may be too difficult to heal... Ohjaus: Tim Whitby.
Jakso 12, kausi 7. Dexter is back and more killer than ever. The Emmy-nominated Showtime Original Series (Best Drama Series, Lead Actor in a Drama Series) returns for an all-new season – and this time Dexter’s got a new take on taking life. Having faced some of his darkest demons, Dexter’s ready to put the past behind him. Now, with family life, a day job catching killers and an uncontrollable urge to do away with the ones that get away, Dexter’s got his work cut out for him. Ohjaus: John Dahl, Steve Shill, Ernest Dickerson. Pääosissa: Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan), Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), Desmond Harrington (Joey Quinn), Lauren Velez (Capt. Maria LaGuerta), David Zayas (Angel Batista), James Remar (Harry Morgan).

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Rabbit Fall
Jakso 1, kausi 1. A big city cop transfers to a remote northern town plagued by violent crimes and unexplained events that have her believing a supernatural force is at work. A professional indiscretion lands Mounties cop Tara Wheaton in the remote northern town of Rabbit Fall. She soon discovers the picturesque community is plagued by a chilling history of violent crimes and unexplained events that have some believing a supernatural force is at work. Tara rejects the theory but as the bodies pile up, Rabbit Fall slowly tears away at everything she knows to be true.