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Viasat Nature/Crime
The Crooked Man
Harry Fielding is a Frank Sinatra loving investigative reporter with a brief to covertly document the compromising exploits of public figures. He’s assigned to take photos of a young woman by his unscrupulous boss, Hamilton, and finds that she is having an affair with a married businessman by the name of Douglas Jenner, who ends up murdering her during a row. The daughter of a mutual acquaintance gets herself involved in the case and the tables are turned when Fielding and Hamilton themselves become the subject of scrutiny and are plunged into a world of subterfuge, intrigue, blackmail and murder. Ohjaus: David Drury. Pääosissa: Ross Kemp (Harry Fielding), Liam Cunningham (Hamilton), Natasha Little (Lisa Talbot), Rupert Frazer (Douglas Jenner).