Perjantai 31.10.

Viasat Nature/Crime
A Belfast Story
Colm Meaney stars as a man weary of doing right. Times are changing, car bombs are less common and terrorists find themselves out of work, but old habits die hard. And while most go quietly into the night, he must find the few who won’t comply. Haunted by his own past failures, he knows that he may only get one last chance to repeat the same mistake, and this time, the blood will be on his hands. Ohjaus: Nathan Todd. Pääosissa: Colm Meaney (Detective), Malcolm Sinclair (Chief Constable), Tommy O'Neill (First Minister Owen McKenna), Patrick Rocks (Eammon), Susan Davey (Aide). Pituus: 99 min.
Viasat Nature/Crime
The Great Mint Swindle
It's the beginning of the 1980s boom in Western Australia. Larrikin brothers Ray, Brian and Peter Mickelberg spend their days abalone fishing, flying planes, looking for adventure and developing new ways of making money. Their most bizarre venture? Selling a huge fake gold nugget "The Yellow Rose of Texas" to tycoon Alan Bond. A tale about two innocent men who become embroiled in one of the most famous heists in Australia's history. It is a mysterious twenty-year saga about their fight to clear their names over a crime that has never been solved. Ohjaus: Geoff Bennett. Pääosissa: Grant Bowler (Ray Mickelberg), Todd Lasance (Peter Mickelberg), Josh Quong Tart (Brian Mickelberg).