Discovery Science Sunnuntai 22.10.

Zombie Special. 'The Walking Dead's' Michael Rooker joins the team to test zombie myths. Is an axe or a gun more effective when you're swarmed by zombies?
Duct Tape Canyon. Lost in the wilderness, Adam and Jamie survive the desert, rappel down canyon cliff-faces and brave Class 5 rapids, all with duct tape and bubble wrap.
Food Factory
Shaken Not Stirred. What's the process behind making instant ready-to-blend smoothies and salted almond chocolate bars? Plus, there's a look at producing non-melting cheese.
Food Factory
Every Day Is Sundae. What's the production process behind shortcake ice cream, making marshmallow super-fast and how is a massive shredder used for broccoli slaw?
Food Factory
Viva Los Churros. A wild culinary ride examines how iconic foods such as nostalgic soda and breakfast cereal are produced. Plus, how was the recipe for vegan mayonnaise conceived?
Food Factory
Pasta Straight Up. Two fun-loving brothers put an organic spin on the classic cheese twist. And how does vodka help put the zing in a bacon-scented tomato sauce?
Food Factory
Lights, Camera, Popcorn. Millions of tortilla chips are baked in a tunnel oven before taking a dip in a giant flash fryer. Plus, how is microwaveable popcorn in a bag processed?
How Do They Do It?
Episode 17. How are millions of parcels delivered around the world every day? How do they make cricket bats that can hit a ball at 150kmph and what are the secrets of the Tokyo fish market?
How Do They Do It?
Episode 18. How do they build powerboats that can go faster than sports cars? How do they produce Swiss watches and how do they create wallpaper fit for palaces and parliaments?

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How Do They Do It?
Episode 19. How do they rescue the crew of a sunken submarine? Join leading submarine rescue specialists as they test the ability of the world's navies to respond to an underwater emergency.
How Do They Do It?
Episode 20. How do they guide the world's largest cruise ships under low bridges? How do they find Alba's famous expensive white truffles and how do they mine Trinidad's natural asphalt lake?
How Do They Do It?
Chewing Gum/Fish Hooks/Legoland. How do they transform rubber into chewing gum? How do they make fish hooks strong enough to catch a shark and how are the models built at the world's largest Legoland?
NASA's Unexplained Files
Hammer of Thor. What are the mysterious trails on the lunar surface near the Apollo landing sites? Does a strange space object spell disaster for the crew of the space shuttle?
NASA's Unexplained Files
Revenge of the Fireflies. Something in space is attacking the brains of our astronauts. What is it? Should NASA be worried about the sudden appearance of so-called space fireflies?

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NASA's Unexplained Files
Spacewalk of Doom. An astronaut on a spacewalk begins to drown. How could this alarming event happen? Plus, have NASA discovered an asteroid that's been converted into a spacecraft?
Rise of the Machines
Mega Truck. An engine with the pulling power of a freight train, tyres as tall as two grown men and fitted with its own survival systems: this is the $5.5 million mega truck.
Rise of the Machines
Super Airship. A buoyancy system able to lift nine SUVs, engines with the power of a race car and the ability to land anywhere: this is the $35 million dollar 'Dragon Dream'.
Rise of the Machines
Mega Lift Ship. Join the crew of the MV Treasure as they attempt to transport a 13,000-ton oil rig 16,000 miles. Explore the engineering that enable this ocean giant to float.

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Rise of the Machines
Super Train. The Italo AGV is one of the world's fastest trains, cutting through the countryside at breathtaking speed. Explore the engineering inside this 200-metre-long bullet.
Rise of the Machines
Mega Lift Helicopter. Explore the world's most powerful Aircrane, including the technology it depends upon to lift giant steel towers and set them down with absolute precision.
You Have Been Warned
Mind Benders. A look at the most mind-bending clips on the web. Experts taste-test a 100-year-old cracker, watch a real-life transformer car, and listen to guitars played underwater.
Traffic Tricks. The team test whether if it's faster to drive than fly when your trip is less than 400 miles, and if it's better to change lanes or stay put in heavy traffic.
Down and Dirty/Earthquake Survival. Adam, Jamie and the team test if using a bathroom's hand dryer is better than a paper towel and which public restroom stall is the cleanest.
Painting With Explosives/Bifurcated Boat. Adam and Jamie test an explosive myth - can you paint a room with a boom? And can a boat be split in two by a channel marker?