Discovery World Sunnuntai 29.11.

Hardcore Heroes
The world is full of real people who make John Rambo, John McClane and Indiana Jones pale in comparison. Witness their unbelievable acts of bravery and self-sacrifice.
Saving Ronald Reagan
Dramatic interviews, archive footage and powerful reconstructions relate just how close America came to losing its President, Ronald Reagan, after an assassination attempt in 1981.
Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero
A New City. Meet the men and women whose neighbourhood was devastated by 9/11 and see how they've rebuilt their homes and businesses. Plus, explore the east side of One World Trade Center.

Kello 24:00

Codes and Conspiracies
Deadly Cults. Whether it's fire and brimstone religion, Armageddon or visitors from outer space, the US has no shortage of people coming together to get swept up in the fervour.
Codes and Conspiracies
Experimental Soldiers. At the height of the Cold War, the US searched for a way to create a generation of 'supersoldiers' who use telepathy to win battles.
I'm Alive
Gold. A lifeguard is attacked by a great white shark in South Africa and a golfer gets bitten by a rattlesnake. Can they reach help in time to save themselves?
I'm Alive
Out of the Blue. A family go to visit a couple's new home and are attacked by a swarm of killer bees, while a man is attacked in the Bahamas by a bull shark. Will they survive?
I'm Alive
Brotherhood. Two men find themselves in a brutal fight for their lives as they are pitted against 35 escaped chimpanzees and a man clings to life after being bitten by a viper.
I'm Alive
Last Man Standing. On an Alaskan island a man is mauled by a brown bear, while another is bitten by a deadly black mamba. Both are hundreds of miles from help, so will they survive?