Discovery Science Sunnuntai 30.8.

NASA's Unexplained Files
Top Secret Terror. Images of Mercury reveal massive spider-like formations on its surface. Is it an odd geological formation - or something much more ominous?

Kello 21:00

Close Encounters
Terror on the Ranch. Henry Baker is driving home with his family when his wife spots lights hovering over Lake Erie. Plus, on a ranch in Argentina strange lights turn violent.
Close Encounters
War of the Worlds. Laura Sinclair is walking her dog when she sees a large cylindrical object hovering in the sky. Plus, school children in Florida witness multiple UFO sightings.
The X-Testers
The X-Testers brave the Everglades in search of the legendary skunk ape. Using their special effects skills, the team recreate the strange ape with the aid of a mysterious photo.
The X-Testers
The Xtesters put more supernatural phenomena to the test as they head to Canada in search of a lake monster. They then take to the skies to unravel the mystery of the Google UFOs.
The Unexplained Files
Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?. Across the globe senior military personnel witness UFOs above nuclear weapons bases. But what could the alien's motives be and could they pose any threat?
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
How Do Aliens Think?. Morgan Freeman considers the possibilities of alien intelligence - what does animal and plant life on Earth suggest about non-human life on other planets?

Kello 24:00

Dark Matters: Twisted but True
Why did Geyser’s new X-ray hair removal treatments cause cancer; how did Mesmer reveal the possibilities of hypnotism; and how were Galston’s botanical findings exploited for war?
How It's Made
This series goes straight to the manufacturer to see how certain products found in every home came to be.
How It's Made
This series goes straight to the manufacturer to see how certain products found in every home came to be.
Plane Boarding. Adam and Jamie try to find the most efficient way to board a plane. Meanwhile, can Kari, Grant and Tory fool a forensic pathologist with bullets made from human teeth?
The Unexplained Files
Lost Giants of Georgia/Bridge of Death. In the Borjami Valley, experts uncover bones they believe belong to a human over 3m tall. Plus, why are dogs jumping to their death from a bridge?
Investigation X
Spontaneous Combustion. Investigators use up-to-date technology in the hope of finding answers to the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion.
Joe Rogan Questions Everything
Real Close Encounters. Joe Rogan researches UFOs by way of implants, anecdotal evidence of cattle mutilations, close encounters, the engineering of alien spacecraft and cover-ups.