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Viasat Nature/Crime
The Crossing - ristitulessa
Elokuva siitä, miten George Washingtonin johtamat joukot ylittivät vuonna 1776 Delawarejoen ja hyökkäsivät Trentonissa brittijoukkojen kimppuun. Taistelu vaikutti toivottomalta, mutta siitä tulikin yllättävä menestys. Pääosissa: Jeff Daniels (George Washington), Roger Rees (Hugh Mercer), Sebastian Roché (John Glover), Steven McCarthy (Alexander Hamilton). Pituus: 89 min. Valtaosa elokuvasta sopii kaikenikäisille, mutta osa kohtauksista voi järkyttää lapsia.

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Viasat Nature/Crime
Jack, Steve and Goat are East End London "spivs" (British slang for a black marketeer), who spend their days wheeling and dealing whenever and wherever they can. But not until they're landed with the juicy payoff they have been waiting for, involving a shady character who calls himself Villa, do they realize the trouble they've gotten themselves into. Halfway through the mission, they discover they weren't smuggling merchandise, rather they were smuggling people. The people run out of the cargo area and escape. Then, suddenly, they discover two small children in the truck, a girl and a boy. Now they are in even more trouble. Pääosissa: Ken Stott (Jack), Nick Moran (Steve), Kate Ashfield (Jenny), Dominic Monaghan (Goat).

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Viasat Nature/Crime
The Crooked Man
Harry Fielding is a Frank Sinatra loving investigative reporter with a brief to covertly document the compromising exploits of public figures. He’s assigned to take photos of a young woman by his unscrupulous boss, Hamilton, and finds that she is having an affair with a married businessman by the name of Douglas Jenner, who ends up murdering her during a row. The daughter of a mutual acquaintance gets herself involved in the case and the tables are turned when Fielding and Hamilton themselves become the subject of scrutiny and are plunged into a world of subterfuge, intrigue, blackmail and murder. Ohjaus: David Drury. Pääosissa: Ross Kemp (Harry Fielding), Liam Cunningham (Hamilton), Natasha Little (Lisa Talbot), Rupert Frazer (Douglas Jenner).