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Viasat Nature/Crime
Anatomy of Evil
The Vienna police have a new job for police psychologist Richard Brock. An employee of a multinational firm gets killed just before going on trial for embezzling millions. The money, however, was possibly used as a slush fund for the company. The only witness is the victim's sister, but all she can remember is a scar on the killer's stomach. When the witness is put under police protection, only the most trustworthy cops are assigned to the task, since there seems to be an informer in the force. But the operation goes totally haywire and Brock realizes that someone who knows them wants them dead. Ohjaus: Andreas Prochaska. Pääosissa: Heino Ferch, Nina Proll, Erwin Steinhauer.

Sunnuntai 13.9.

Viasat Nature/Crime
Whale Shark
The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, and yet it remains a scientific mystery. For the majority of the year, they make their way slowly through the oceans relatively unnoticed. However, on the eve of a spectacular coral spawning event on Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, hundreds arrive. Six weeks later, they disappear. Where do they go? New findings suggest that whale sharks from Australia, Africa and India could all come from the same migratory population – meaning that this would be the largest migration on earth. But how can we find out for sure? In this programme, Australian marine biologist, Mark Meekan tags eight sharks in Ningaloo. Thanks to specially designed on-shark cameras, DNA fingerprinting and satellite tracking devices, we can follow their dramatic journey. Pituus: 50 min. Ohjelma sopii kaikenikäisille.