Huomenna 2.8.

Viasat Nature/Crime
On the 7th of May 2009, Senior Constables Len Snee, Grant Diver and Bruce Miller arrived at 41 Chaucer Rd in Napier, New Zealand to serve a search warrant on Jan Molenaar for the growing of cannabis. This was just a routine warrant, something they had done countless times. What was meant to be an ordinary procedure turned into three of New Zealand’s darkest days and ended with one police officer dead, two officers critically injured and a member of the public fighting for his life. During the 3 day siege, Jan Molenaar made a permanent and devastating imprint upon the national psyche of New Zealand as he changed the lives of individuals, families, a police community, and a city. Ohjaus: Mike Smith. Pääosissa: Mark Mitchinson (Jaan Molenaar), Miriama Smith (Delwyn Keefe), Ross Stokes (D / S Tim Smith), Kirk Torrance (Heath Jones). Pituus: 87 min. Ohjelma ei sovi alle 12-vuotiaille.

Sunnuntai 3.8.

Viasat Nature/Crime
Love Me Still
Dark and emotional thriller about Mickey Ronson who serves eight years in prison as a result of an armed robbery. His wife Gemma and daughter Lucy have to cope on their own. Mickey is counting the days until his release and wants to surprise his family by coming home without telling them. But when he arrives home they have disappeared and no one knows about their whereabouts. They have been kidnapped by Mickey’s brother Bobby who keeps them hostage in a remote house in Ireland. Mickey sets out to get his family back with the help of some friends from the old days and the events that follow will change everyone’s lives forever. Pääosissa: Andrew Howard (Mickey Ronson), Geoff Bell (Bobby Ronson), Alex Reid (Gemma Ronson).

Perjantai 8.8.

Viasat Nature/Crime
Deadly Summer
40 degrees and not a breath of wind. Julie wanders Neupart's streets in her cheerleader outfit, seeking someone who can take her away from her daily routine and her husband, Simon, whose ambitions stretch no further than his fuel pumps. But, as summer is starting, there's a sudden, strange increase in violent murders. With life expectancy in Neupart getting ever shorter, maybe it's time to forget the romantic daydreams ... Ohjaus: Denis Malleval. Pituus: 90 min.

Lauantai 9.8.

Viasat Nature/Crime
In 1999, South African emigrant psychiatrist Colin Bouwer murdered his wife in what he thought was an undetectable manner. He was not counting on the skills and tenacity of New Zealand police and his colleagues in the medical profession.