Discovery Science
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Accidental Ammo. On this episode, the action is all about when household items and backyard chores turn into friendly fire. First up, the guys start with a bang.
San Francisco Drift. Adam and Jamie are fast and curious. With the pedal to the metal and tyres sliding and smoking, they tackle two tall tales from the world of street racing.
Supernatural Shooters. Adam and Jamie take aim at Hollywood's infallible hit men and their seemingly supernatural ability to take down a target. First up, shooting blind.
Pane In The Glass. Jon and Brian reconstruct a typical Hollywood movie stunt. Plus, they test three mythical cures to see if it's possible to chop an onion, without tearing up.
Extreme Engineering
Navy Amphibious Warship. Danny takes a look at the construction of the extraordinary LPD17, a giant vessel designed to transport everything from helicopters to hovercrafts.
Secrets Of The Underground
Doomsday Volcano Mystery. Beneath the densely populated city of Naples lies a looming threat. A super volcano may be on the verge of erupting and causing an apocalyptic catastrophe.
Street Science
Fireball Launcher. Kevin and his team of experts face off in a fireball launcher showdown to test the dangerous and awesome properties of fire.
Street Science
Human Cannonball. Kevin and his team of experts reveal the secrets of human cannonballs. Plus, Kevin uses the power of pressure to crush a massive steel drum.
Hacking The Wild
Alaskan Ice Forest. Andy braves a remote forest in Alaska, a terrain that's rugged, wet, and cold. To return to civilisation, he must use his tech to stay warm, dry, and alive.
How We Invented the World
Cars. Find out how the ideas of an ambitious wife and the innovations of a Scottish vet led to the invention of the car. How has this revolutionary vehicle shaped the modern world?
How We Invented the World
Planes. Planes have revolutionised global travel. How did the genius of the Wright brothers, a trip to the moon and a pair of frozen eyeballs make our dreams of flight a reality?
How We Invented the World
Phones. Mobile phones have transformed the way we communicate. How did a beautiful woman, Frankenstein's brother, and the sinking of the Titanic all impact on its development?
Junkyard Wars
Dune Buggies. The teams create racing dune buggies and race in a head to head battle as they both attempt to push vehicles into the path of the other players.