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Strip the Cosmos
Hunt For The Big Bang. A look at how the universe began. Scientists explore the fabric of the cosmos, using revolutionary new telescopes and computers to go back to the big bang.
You Have Been Warned
Crowd Pleasers. A countdown of the top 20 crowd-pleasers using science to thrill, including encounters in the wild, the world's fastest skateboarder, and a trapeze at 300-ft.
NASA's Unexplained Files
Episode 1. When astronaut Leroy Chao's high-risk spacewalk is interrupted by bright lights flying past, it sparks a major investigation. Could alien life forms be to blame?
NASA's Unexplained Files
Alien Death Ray. The Viking Lander may have found life on Mars. Meanwhile, how can a starship be spotted in the Aurora Borealis? And what exactly are NASA's mysterious Moon Pigeons?
NASA's Unexplained Files
Black Knight Rises. The Hubble Telescope spots thousands of unknown objects travelling faster than light. Are we being watched? Or could we ourselves be aliens from another world?
NASA's Unexplained Files
Interstellar Gold Rush. A planet shows evidence of an Earth-like atmosphere, while a mysterious glowing light suggests the impossible: an atmosphere on the Moon.
The Unexplained Files
Freaky Fires & Ghost Yacht. In Sicily, household items suddenly burst into flames, but why? Plus, on the coast of Australia, three friends mysteriously vanish from their yacht.
Alaska Mega Machines
Behemoths Of The Bush. Only in Alaska can you find an airport made from nothing but water and ice. And next to a field of moose, 16 missiles stand by to prevent a nuclear disaster.
Building the Biggest
World's Largest Undersea Pipes. The race is on to lay a 1200km long pipe under the sea to transport gas from Norway to England, providing one fifth of the UK's gas for years to come.