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Extreme Engineering
Danny Forster visits the deepest place on Earth; South Africa's Mponeng Gold Mine - the most dangerous construction site on the planet.
In Papua New Guinea, Gary ascends 300 feet into the jungle canopy in search of new plants, while Chris goes out on the water to confront a giant caiman.
Da Vinci's Machines
The crew faces its most complex build so far- the Air Screw - da Vinci's single wing, helicopter-like device. Will they be able to get his vision off the ground?
Blowing Up History
Archaeologists uncover the secret lives of the gladiators and make new discoveries that help explain the rise and sudden fall of the Roman Empire.
Abandoned Engineering
A look at some disused structures that were once at the forefront of power supply, including Kelenföld Power Station in Budapest and Wardenclyffe Tower in New York.
Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed
Former aerospace engineer Justin Cunningham tries to keep the Glasgow Tower turning, and Tomo Umewaka helps engineers in Osaka keep their airport from sinking into the sea.
Secrets Of The Underground
When an infamous pirate city sunk into the sea, a huge treasure may have gone with it. Could cutting edge technology reveal its resting place?
Secrets Of The Underground
In California Rob and Stefan explore a cave, rumoured to house 100 pounds of gold, stashed away during the Gold Rush. Can their tech end the mystery?
Hold onto your hats as the MythBusters put the legendary Indiana Jones and his hijinks to the test. Featuring experiments involving Indiana's whip.
The action explodes when household items and backyard chores turn into friendly fire. First up, the guys start with a bang.
Adam and Jamie are fast and the curious. With the pedal to the metal and tires sliding and smoking, they tackle two tall tales from the world of street racing.
How Do They Do It?
How do they keep the cars of Daytona on track for 24 hours of high speed racing, and how do they turn the sweetest sugar cane into world-renowned Caribbean rum? Find out.