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Codes and Conspiracies
Ancient Astronauts. Did aliens help build the Pyramids? Or does the "ancient astronauts" idea go back to Swiss author Erich von Daniken, whose books challenge religion and science?
Codes and Conspiracies
Founding Fathers. Discover which of America's founding fathers used sex as an instrument of diplomacy and which one secretly scoffed at the divinity of Jesus.
All the President's Men Revisited
Forty years after 'Watergate' entered the American lexicon, award-winning actor Robert Redford returns to the scandal that brought down a president and forever changed a country.
Secrets of the Arsenal
Against All Odds. From worn battle flags to gold engraved pistols, four stories highlight the heroism of individuals throughout history and those who prevailed against all odds.
Aircrash Confidential
Poor Maintenance. Discover how microscopic maintenance problems can mean the difference between life and death for the people on board. Contains reconstructions of accidents.
Aircrash Confidential
Take-Offs & Crash Landings. Take off is the most dangerous moment of any flight, as proven by the Yak-42 Russian jet crash tragedy in 2011. Investigators analyse the causes.
Crashes that Changed Flying
Delta 191. The crash of Delta Flight 191 provided new insights into aviation safety. See how evidence from the crash has been used to save lives and make aeroplanes safer for the future.
Crashes that Changed Flying
Avianca 052. The crash of Avianca Flight 52 provided new insights on aviation safety. See how evidence from the crash has been used to save lives and to make aeroplanes safer for the future.
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
India (Kolkata/Bombay). Foodie Anthony Bourdain seeks the world's authentic flavours. What's Bombay like? Enchanting and delicious. With so much great food, it's no wonder he's fallen in love with India.