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HMS Ark Royal
Episode 2. Days into her international deployment, the Prime Minister orders HMS Ark Royal to rescue stranded British passengers caught in the chaos caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruption.
Extreme Engineering
NASA. Danny Forster visits NASA to find out about the ambitious new Constellation Program. Plus, how will the Ares rocket change the future of American space exploration?
Episode 20. Explore the origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions, objects, and ideas. Featuring the history of the swimming pool.
Chasing Classic Cars
Horse Trading. A long-time customer wants to trade his 1931 Cadillac for a Model A; can Wayne find him the right roadster? Plus, Wayne is blown away by classic collection.
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
New York. Anthony Bourdain loves the hustle and bustle of New York but fears that it's becoming a tourist attraction. With Andrew Zimmern, he rediscovers the magic of this concrete jungle.
Tattoo Hunter
Benin. Tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak discovers the meanings behind body modification rituals. From cannibals to warriors, Lars reveals these unique cultures before they disappear.
Extreme Engineering
Turkey's Mammoth Hydropowered Deriner Dam. Danny heads to Turkey, where, amid the country's most challenging terrain, one of the tallest and strongest dams ever made is being constructed.