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Codes and Conspiracies
Las Vegas. Why was Las Vegas a Nazi target for wartime sabotage, a test ground for Atomic Bombs, and a meeting place for 9/11's terrorists? Explore its secrets.
Modern Sniper
Advanced Sniper. Look at the advanced training techniques that transform ordinary men into smart, inventive soldiers; and delve into what it takes to become a top sniper in the Armed Forces.
Extreme Engineering
Peru Dam. Danny is in Olmos, Peru, to see how one of the deepest tunnels ever attempted will deliver water to drought-ridden farmers; but can this ambitious project succeed?
Episode 18. Explore the origin of hundreds of the world's most influential inventions, objects, and ideas. Featuring the perplexing history of the crossword puzzle.
Chasing Classic Cars
The Curve Ball. Wayne travels to Atlanta to see an extremely rare Ferrari 275 GS; he loves the car but will an ownership dispute between dad and daughter stop him sealing the deal?
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Singapore. Join culinary adventurer Anthony Bourdain as he travels the world in search of authentic experiences and flavours. In Singapore, Anthony discovers a vibrant street food culture.
Tattoo Hunter
Indonesia. Tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak discovers the meanings behind body modification rituals. From cannibals to warriors, Lars reveals these unique cultures before they disappear.
Extreme Engineering
Amsterdam's Futuristic Floating City. Danny Forster explores some amazing feats of engineering designed by some of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.